Uninstall Ads by Highlighty virus, Clean Ads by Highlighty virus

Free downloadAds by Highlighty virus is a very destructive threat which bears abilities to completely damage a system. So click the link below to download Ads by Highlighty virus removal tool and safeguard the infected PC.

Ads simply by Highlighty computer virus is a fatal virus will come by using other 3rd party softwares that will user down load from Internet. This enters for your system and obtain installed with no your permission or understanding. Then it hijack your internet browser such as Ie, Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla Opera etc and begin throwing undesirable and bogus advertisements. At any time you open up Internet based app like fb, ebay, youtube . com or no matter what web page or even site a person open up on your pc it return in action. Your pc screen can get filled with appear ads plus bogus text messages. It is recommended to remove Advertisements by Highlighty virus.

Ads simply by Highlighty computer virus is a should remove computer virus as it not just generate frustrating and bogus pop up advertisements and text messages but it can also be linked to plenty of other harmful domain that could harm your personal computer. It can effortlessly corrupt or even change your internet browser settings plus redirect this to harmful websites. Advertisements by Highlighty virus may also bring various other harmful bacterial infections to your personal computer and make your personal computer crash. The minute you feel that the system is contaminated with this computer virus immediately attempt to remove as quickly as possible. It is very important in order to delete Advertisements by Highlighty virus out of your computer.

Ads by Highlighty virus Vendors in the system: How it makes entry in the system

Ads by Highlighty virus uses several deceptive techniques to get installed in the PC but without users permission and consent. And the main culprits for installing this nasty infection are visiting unwanted sites or downloading media or applications from untrusted sources. It takes advantage of PC vulnerabilities to enter in PC. Most common way through which Ads by Highlighty virus may enter in your system are:

Social Engineering banner Ads:- Main goal of cyber criminals is to make people install their software. And for this they try several cunning techniques like email messages with flashy content like "check out this message" and cyber crooks attach malware instead of legitimate information. Also many of them design fake banners to start installing of Ads by Highlighty virus in the system.

Drive by Downloads:- In this technique malicious hackers use crook methods to convince users to install fake programs while they are surfing net. They force them to install these application even when they are not trying to install these programs. These Drive by Downloads are initiated through ActiveX control installers.

Continuous Prompting:- Once the user canceled the installation of Ads by Highlighty virus in the system it does not mean that malware now can not enter in the system. But many of the malware designers use rigid ways like continual prompting all round the clock so that user install the software either because of frustration or to get rid off this continuous prompting.

Chain installation:- One more technique through which Ads by Highlighty virus may enter in the system is through third party software applications that are downloaded from untrusted sources. Many of the freeware application comes bundled with malicious malware programs

Ads by Highlighty virus: Symptoms of infection

Once this malware get chance to sneak inside the system it will start showing disastrous effect on the system. Some common symptoms that users may notice on the system are:

  • Many of the critical system files, registry entries and other processes gets hidden
  • Creates several desktop icon and shortcuts
  • Uninstall functions in the system is not working properly
  • Process of uninstalling Ads by Highlighty virus application fails
  • Many of the antivirus applications, software, firewall and other security application get automatically disabled.

Ads by Highlighty virus Working mechanism– How Ads by Highlighty virus works after getting installed in the system

Hackers have designed these malware with expert techniques and it comes in a single executable file as as.exe, these files once installed in the system executes automatically and hide itself deep inside the system to escape from being detected. Once these malicious files get installed in the system it comes bundled with other components such as downloaders, remote access tools, adware. It totally compromises system resources. One this threat completely gets installed in the system, its make use of a load point sos that it automatically executes itself each time system restarts itself. It comes ability to hide itself deep inside the system under that context of other system applications so that normal security application could not detect its presence in the system.

Alarming effects of Ads by Highlighty virus in the system

  • Alters default home page and browser settings in the system
  • Modifies search engine settings and alters search results.
  • Automatically redirects search results to unwanted sites
  • Collects sensitive information from the system and send all these information to malicious users.
  • Opens backdoor for other malicious malwares to enter in the system.
  • Consumes memory memory space, CPU memory storage and makes net connection very slow

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Aftermath of Ads by Highlighty virus infection

Ads by Highlighty virus is another name in the series of highly dangerous malware infection that completely exploits system resources and makes your system totally a dumb box. Some of the consequences of this malicious and disastrous threat infection is discussed below:

Exploits system security settings:- One of the most dangerous outcome of Ads by Highlighty virus infection in the system is that it destroys system security settings and alters browser settings and thus opens backdoor for other malware to easily enter in the system. It disables, firewall and other security applications running in the system. It completely exploits system resources and affects overall system performance.

Identity theft:- One of the most disastrous affect of infection is that it is involved in Identity theft. It is a malicious piece of software designed in such a way that once installed in the system it makes use of cunning techniques such as key logging, phishing through which they acquire critical information like banking details, credit card, number, account password and pass all these information to malicious users.

Makes your PC running like snail:- It highly consumes system resources for their own profit and thus eats up large amount of disk space, uses CPU memory storage, makes use of internet and above of all it affects normal functioning of the system and PC starts reacting very slow.

Ads by Highlighty virus fake scanning techniques

Ads by Highlighty virus pretends itself as a legitimate application that once get chance to install in the system it starts a false system scanning that completely scans entire system hard drive and reports a list of malware detected. All these scanning processes are completely bogus and are mainly done with the aim of trapping innocent users and force them to install malicious software.

“Wait a Minute! This is important- We check your devices” is one of bogus scanners that pretends to be a legitimate tool. But when user open this web page, many of the Javascript messages pop ups that displays fake pop ups and messages that tells that PC is infected with infected with dangerous threats and thus requires you to immediately install this software.


And when the users click on OK a folder similar to My computer folder with hard disk and other folders appears on the screen but in reality they donot represent your actual folders in the system.

2 Once fake scanning process gets completed, it displays fake scan reports that states that system is infected with number of malwares and here users will be recommended to remove the infections after installing the application.

Image 3

Once users will click on Remove Option button, this bogus software automatically starts its installation. Users will think that some legitimate anti-virus application is installed in the system but in reality it is completely a rogue application that uses all tactics to fool users and convince them that their system is highly compromised with frightening notifications and than force users to purchase the licensed version of the software. But in reality it sis a rogue application that is of no use but in reality is a rogue application that is worthless for your system.

Ads by Highlighty virus: Malicious activities

Some of the most common characteristics that defines Ads by Highlighty virus as malicious threat are listed below:

Installation:- Secretly get installed in the system and modifies system settings in such a manner that its code executes itself each time after system start up

Surveying:- It has additional capabilities through which it looks for another system with windows operating system.

Replicating:- Getting installed in the new system and completely destroying its system resources and affecting overall system performance of the system.

Concealment:- It also escape its presence in the system by hiding its processes deep in side the system and escape from being detected by simple security applications installed in the system.

Injection:- It has ability to get core information or inject code of malicious processes on the system to deliver payloads and gain additional profits

Payload:- It collects and send critical information from the system to malicious users and receive command from unauthorized users.

Is Ads by Highlighty virus infection safe for your PC?

Ads by Highlighty virus is a recently detected threat that is seriously a disastrous infection and is completely unsafe for your PC and browser. It is completely a unhealthy infection as it ruins system settings, involved in cyber criminal activities like works as a a key logger, collects sensitive and private information stored in the system and pass all these information to the malicious users. Not only this it completely deteriorates system performance. Its malicious behavior activities in the system can be proved by following points:

  • Automatically get installed in the system without users permission.
  • Bombards pop ups and annoying error messages
  • Hide itself deep in side the system processes.
  • Keep tracks of users key strokes and online activities.

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 Know more alarming effects of Ads by Highlighty virus in the PC
  • Once this threat gets chance to enter in the system it uses PC resources and CPU memory. It executes all its malicious processes in the background and thus it is very hard to detect these processes. It collects sensitive information from the system and transmits all these information to the remote users.
  • It affects overall system performance like modifying system settings and installing many rogue application on the system that perform a series of malicious actions on the system like redirecting internet searches to malicious websites, customize users system settings and also affects internet connection on the system.
  • It keeps eyes on users internet activities, logs users keystrokes. Many of the advertisers make use of these information to bombard advertisement on the affected system according to system preferences.
  • Once it tracks users online activities it displays a series of pop up messages on the system each time users log on to the internet and once users mistakenly click on it it will redirect to unknown websites from where unknown threats may get easily installed in the system.
  • Above of all most dangerous property of Ads by Highlighty virus that it comes with the ability to collect all the confidential information from the system like baking details, account passwords, login information, user name and many others and ass all these critical information to the malicious users.

Ads by Highlighty virus techniques to swindle money by cheating innocent users

Another cope created by Ads by Highlighty virus that it has ability hold all your personal files like music, pictures and other documents stored in the system hard drive and it not release all these files until when some ransom is paid by the users to the inventor of this malicious threat. It is designed with expert mechanism and once it get chance to sneak inside the system it completely encrypt entire system files with hard algorithm that is quite difficult to break. Users may also get some ransom notice in which some countdown time is mentioned during which users have to pay the ransom that is ranging from $300 - $1000. they demand money to be paid in MoneyPak or Bit coins. But you should never be trapped in these online crime scenarios but rather than that you should adopt some necessary steps to remove Ads by Highlighty virus threat from your system completely.

How to get rid of Malicious processes associated with Ads by Highlighty virus in the system

Using safe Mode

Image 4

Reboot your window PC in safe mode with networking. For this you need to press F8 while the system is rebooting and now select safe mode with networking option. After that remove all the malicious processes associated with Ads by Highlighty virus in the system.

Using Task Manager 

Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC or if the Task Manager do not opens Go to Run and type taskmgr. Now select all the malicious process and delete them from from your system.

Image 5

Ads by Highlighty virus: Manual Removal Process from Web browsers

Uninstall Ads by Highlighty virus using Add/Remove Program

Image 6

  • Go to Start >> Control Panel >> Program and Features
  • Search for Ads by Highlighty virus, choose that and click on Uninstall option

Remove Ads by Highlighty virus from Google Chrome

  • Start Google Chrome a fter that ypu will notice “Wrench” or “Bar” icon at top right corner of the screen click on it
  • Now go to Settings >> Search >> Manage Search Engines

Image 7

  • Now choose preferred search engine and than click on “Make it Default”
  • Delete all the unwanted search engines by clicking on cross mark option at the end
  • Now restart ssytem browser o
  • Restart the browser to make the changes so as to complete the process

Delete Ads by Highlighty virus from Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, now type in about:config in address bar and hit ENTER

Image 8

  • Now in the search box type in keyword.url and than right click on it and select “Modify “look for this find this entry and replace it with favorite search engine

Image 9

  • Type browser.search.selectedEngine in the search box and reset it with something that was to be set previously
  • Look for browser.newtab.url and replace it with about:newtab
  • After that restart the browser to make the changes

Get Rid of Ads by Highlighty virus from Internet Explorer

Image 10

  • Open the browser, choose Tools options and click on Internet Option
  • Now move to General >> Change Search Defaults >> Settings
  • Choose desired search engine provider and click on Set as Default
  • Restart the browser to apply the changes that is done.

Remove Ads by Highlighty virus completely from the system using Ads by Highlighty virus removal tool

Best solution to get rid of Ads by Highlighty virus from your system is to to use Automatic Ads by Highlighty virus removal tool. It is one of the most reliable and powerful anti-spyware application that is especially designed by experts to remove Ads by Highlighty virus from the system. It is one of the best tool that is tested and certified by West coast Labs checkmark certification System. It comes with highly advanced heuristic scanning algorithm that completely scans entire system hard drive and scans and detect all the malicious threats from the system and completely remove all these malicious files and processes from the system. Apart from this it also restrict other malware from entering in the system. It is all in one solution to keep your PC safe and remove infection from the system. So download and install Ads by Highlighty virus removal to get rid of Ads by Highlighty virus and other malicious threat from the system.

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How Ads by Highlighty virus removal tool beats of Free anti-virus software: compared

Though free anti-virus applications claims to provide you complete security from malicious threat but these free applications comes with limited features. These application works for some limited duration about 14 days and after that it is downgraded and does not function properly. These free applications look like a legitimate application but they comes with limited features and are not able to remove threats that are sophisticatedly designed. But Ads by Highlighty virus removal tool is an efficient and reliable tool that is designed with expert mechanism and thus is able to remove Ads by Highlighty virus threat from your system in hassle free manner.

You can easily compare both the tool with each other under following features:

Link checking:- Automatic removal tool scans each of the webpage before it is loaded in the system. And in the case if it detects any malicious threat than it stops it from opening but the free application often not provide these feature

Scans email links and attachments:- automatic Removal tool also scans each and every links in the mailbox and thus looks for each malevolent content and spam links and provides features to reach virus to enter in the malibox. Free anti virus application dies not provide email protection.

Personal data protection:- cyber criminals design these threats in such a way that they steal confidential information from the system. Free anti-virus application provides little protection to your personal information, while licensed version provides complete protection and restricts unauthorized users from entering in the system.

Automatic scanning:- Automatic removal tool works as a body guard and comes in the action if it detect any malicious threat in the system. It completely nullify the malicious threat but free anti-virus application does not provide this facility.

Online tech support:- Users who go for having licensed version of the software can avail online technical support through telephone or chat. But free version of the application does not support online technical support rather you can solve your queries through forums.

User Guide

Step 1:- Download and install automatic Ads by Highlighty virus Removal tool on your Windows PC. Now click on “Scan Computer” that appears on the main interface and now the toll will automatically start scanning for all the malware present in the system.


Step 2:- In the next interface, when the tool ends it scanning process user will get a list of all the infected file and folders in the thumbnails format.


Step 3:- this toll provides an inbuilt feature called “Spyware Helpdesk” that provides complete detailed information about all the spyware and malware encountered in the system.


Step 4:- It comes a feature called “System Guard” that blocks all malicious threats from entering in the system and thus safeguards PC from further attacks.


Prevention strategies to protect PC from further infections like Ads by Highlighty virus

Each time you log in to internet you are at the potential risk of identity theft and there are malicious threats that are looking for chances to enter in the system. Here are some of the preventive measures that users may adopt to safeguard their PC:

  • Think before clicking on email from unknown sources.
  • Use options of Internet explorer as these browser provides much chances to malicious threat to enter in the system.
  • Use security applications and Firewall in your system.
  • Never trust on spam pop–ups and advertisements banners that appears on the system.
  • Never go for downloading media codec from unknown sites.
  • Use a quality anti-spyware application in the system.
  • Always use secure DNS like Google DNS or OPENDS

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Ads by Highlighty virus is a very destructive threat which bears abilities to completely damage a system. So click the link below to download Ads by Highlighty virus removal tool and safeguard the infected PC.

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